Khnum is an Ancient Vampire and was the first one of the first twelve vampires (the first in creation) and is the father twin girls known as Amunet and Imentet via Meskhenet and twin boys known as Duamutef and Qebehsenuef via Meretseger by raping them ordered by the first vampire ever created and the first progenitor of the Vampire Race.

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He was one of the earliest Egyptian deities, originally the god of the source of the Nile River. Because of this was thought to be the creator of the bodies of human children, fashioning them at a potter's wheel using clay from the Nile, before placing them in their mothers' wombs. Later he was said to have fashioned the gods in a similar fashion. As such he had the tiles of Divine Potter and Lord of Created Things from Himself. He is usually depicted as a man with the head of a ram.

Eventually he became known as the third aspect of Ra, as the god of rebirth, creation, and the evening son (along with Atum).

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